Photo of the Day- June 17, 2016


Image title “Summer Family”. Summer was always my favorite time of year as a kid. For the obvious reason of no school, but also for the activities that came with summer. We spent our days swimming, biking, and exploring. This photo reminds me off all those great summer memories I have with my younger brother. You can view the full resolution image here https://500px.com/photo/159064869/summer-family-by-evan5ps?ctx_page=1&from=user&user_id=14026141

Photo of the Day- June 15, 2016


Yesterday a large afternoon storm rolled trough the city and I was in the right place at the right time. I was in Buckhead to capture this image but you can see downtown Atlanta in the distance on the left. The power of nature has always fascinated me and conditions like this are some of my favorite to photograph. You can checkout the full resolution image here https://500px.com/photo/158687199/summer-storm-by-evan5ps?ctx_page=1&from=user&user_id=14026141

Photo of the Day- June 14, 2016



Krog Street tunnel is a place i normally stay away from when making photos because it has become somewhat of a clich√©. Its been over three years since the last time I took a photo here but over the weekend I just couldn’t help myself. Its crazy to see how the tunnel changes over time. Shoutout to the artists who’s work is pictured. You can checkout the full resolution images here https://500px.com/evan5ps

Forward Warrior- June 11, 2016





This weekend I stopped by cabbagetown for the annual forward warrior. Every year forward warrior organizes painters across the city to add new work to the wall in cabbagetown. Many of them work together and it can create interesting collar pieces you may not normally see. If you’re in Atlanta make sure you go checkout all the new work and support the art community.

Photo of the Day- June 9, 2016


Yesterday I went out to shoot for an hour and decided to walk around Krog street with PetieParker. My favorite part of this image is the amount of green. Summer has a special feeling in Atlanta because there is so much nature inside the city. (aka city in the woods). For those of you outside Atlanta Krog street is only 5 minutes from downtown but you may not know it just based off the photo. The summer vibe you get in Atlanta is something special.

Photo of the Day, June 8, 2016


Its been a long time since I made a photo here. This has become one of those places everyone photographs in Atlanta but i couldnt help myself when I was walking by. I love the way the light was at this time of day. It sorta reminds me of a greenhouse or something. Going back to a place you’ve already photographed is cool because you usually see things differently the second time around. You can checkout the full resolution image here https://500px.com/evan5ps

Photo of the Day- June 7, 2016


I had a meeting at Mason Fine Art today and stopped by the nearby train yard to get some photos. I don’t know the story behind these car but they’ve been there for quite some time. Salute to the artists who painted them.

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